Awaiting Delivery Scan

 I have attempted to contact the purchaser a couple of times, since this looked to me like it was holding up at the mailing station, since when I purchase things that should be endorsed for, that is the place where they end up after a delivery endeavor. I informed him twice, and messaged him with no reaction. Today he opens a case against me about the thing in technomantic .  This is the biggest request I have ever filled, and I had never had the purchaser purchase from me previously, and he has just 6 criticism. I was concerned immediately yet what would you be able to do.  What do I do now? I am not even sure on the off chance that he will see my reaction in the goal community, he hasn't recognized my messages or email. Iv'e never observed "Awaiting Delivery Scan" previously. I need to request that the purchaser be tolerant however I get the inclination they may get pushy genuine snappy. I purchased the name as a component of a mass transportation buy, so I don'